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Welcome to Measuring a Console Windshield page. If you have your old windshield then you are in the right place. If you do not want to go through the measuring process, and would rather send your shield to us please click here. If you do not have your shield please click here to measure your console.

Windshields can be simple or complicated. In either case there are common measurments that must be taken in order to ensure a proper fit. Below is a schematic of a typical windshield illustrating required measurements.

If you do not want to measure your old shield, then you can ship it to us CLICK HERE and we will figure out the measurements. Note: We do not return your old windshield!


We absolutely do not give quotes based on limited measurements, so please save time, and confusion, it is important that you follow all instructions exaclty! Any information not provided will result in you being redirected back to this page!


*Click here to read our Policies

Please download our Online Form, and Radius Chart below to help you provide the neccessary information we need.

All fields must be filled out for a quote!

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Below is what need to measure your windshield.

Print out this whole instruction page.


Radius Chart -
click here to print out this chart. You need this to determine how much of a radius your windshield has. Note: Please be sure to set your "Page Scaling" to "None" in your "Print Dialog" box under "Page Handling" or the radius chart will print at the wrong scale and you will get a wrong radius reading!
You must have Adobe Acrobat Installed on your computer. Click here for Free Download


Let's Start Measuring...

The inside measurements are as follows:

F = This is the center vertical height of the windshield.
= Base of windshield front to back.
H = Spread of windshield in the back at the base.
I = Inside measurement at the top. (Measured after the curve turns into the side panel).
J = Side of windshield front to back. ( Measured from front face of shield until the slope downward).
K = Inside length of shield. This is measured after the curve turns into the side panel).

Getting clear about radius corners...

When measuring the inside length of the windshield it can be confusing where to start. Here we will clear up the confusion. The measurement must be made after the curve is complete and it meets the side panel of the shield. This is important because this is the width of your console. Below is another illustration of this. The radius will be dealt with in the next section.


Knowing where the radius ends

In the illustration below, you can see where the heated bends ends, and the natural factory surface starts. The black arrow is the point where you start your measurement. Never measure into the curves!

Measuring the corner radius...

Below is an example of how to determine how much of a radial curve your windshield has. Simply place the chart on a table and put your windshield on top of it as illustrated below. Move the shield around until you see the curve of your shield match one of the templates radius lines. When you get the match just look to see what size radius the chart says it is. In this case it is 1/2". This is extremely important as this curve needs to match the curve on you console! You can print this radius chart out by click here to print out this chart..Please download our online form to help you provide the neccessary information we need. Click on the PDF Logo. After you fill the form out you will need to email it to us. You must have Adobe Acrobat Installed on your computer. Click here for Free Download

Does your windshield tilt back?...

Some windshields tilt back. Often times it follows the tilt of the console, but sometimes it does not. Below shows a typical windshield that is tilted back about 7 degrees. Illustration also shows how to determine the amount of tilt on the base of your shield if you do not have an angle guage. Simply put the front face of your windwshield up against a wall or any two surfaces that are 90 degrees to each other. Then get a tape measure and see how much the shield lifts off the table top at the back of the windshield. In this illustration it is about one inch.


Pick a thickness...
You can choose between 3/16", 1/4" or 3/8" thickness acrylic.

Are there spacers between your shield and console?...

Some windshields have rubber spacers between the console and shield. If yours has it, then measure it, and let us know how much space there is. See below example.

Now, let's pic a color...

If your windshield is too complex to do through corrospondence, which some are, then you would have to send us the old one.
Note: We do not return your old windshield! Below are two examples of pictures that are needed.

The final checklist...

Now, lets check to make sure you have done all of the steps before you submit your information about your windshield. You must have Adobe Acrobat Installed on your computer. Click here for Free Download

If you skip any one of these steps we will not quote you! You will be asked to complete the missing information! Please submit all required information below!

1- Did you measure F, G, H, I, J, K measurements?
2- Did you measure the radius corner of your shield with the radius chart?
3- Did you check for the tilt measurement if it has one?
4- Did you pick a thickness 1/4" or 3/8"?
5- Did you measure the thickness of the spacers if you have any?
5- Did you pick a color?

6- Did you get those two pictures of the boat, and side shot of console? High resolution pictures only! Do not send small low resolution! Do not send small low resolution! We need to zoom in so it does not blur out. Please no Kodak gallery format pictures! They need to be in the attahment as .jpeg format only!

7- Include Manufacturer, Model, Year, and Size of boat.

*Sales tax will be added for Florida residents.

If you did all of the applicable steps above, then you are now ready to submit the information to us for a firm quote. If you need to ship us your shield you must have authorization from us first, you can do so at:

UPD Plastics
2255 Sw. 70th Ave
Bld. 2 Bay 8
Davie, Fl. 33317

*Please do not send your shields by way of the post office as sometimes they do not deliver and we will not travel to the post office to get it.

After we get your windshield we will contact you for payment and shipping information. Please write your name, address, phone, make, model, year, and size of your boat right on the windshield!



Upd Plastics 2255 Sw. 70th Ave. Bld. 2 Bay 8 Davie, Fl. 33317