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Welcome to the Stratos Boat Windshields main page. Here scan down this page and look for your boat by year, and footage. Click on it, and you will then be able to view pictures, schematic sizes, color samples, and prices! All shields are made to order from our molds. We do not stock windshields. Could not find your windshield in our stock mold search? No problem, we can make you a new one whether you have the old one or not! Click here to learn how!

Our shields are the highest quality windshields you can purchase. No factory seconds, or inferior quality material that will craze or discolor before it's time. We use Cell Cast Acrylic Material. We hand polish all our edges. No flame polishing is used as this causes crazing of the material within a few months. You can expect to get nothing but top quality from UPD Plastics 31 years of fabrication experience.


      Free Drill Bit With Each Shield!

Ask for free rubber spacer washers if you need them!
Free Rubber Grommets With Each Shield!  

Click on your model boat below to procede to your stock mold windshield information!

If you do not see your shield listed here, then we do not have a specfic mold for your shield. Please do not contact us to see if we have one! Please go to our "Ordering a Windshield" section and provide us with the measurements, and pictures we require so we can either cross check your shield information with other molds we have or if we do not find a match we will then have the information to refabricate a new one for you. If you do not wish to do that you can send us your old windshield. In either case we cannot quote you without one or the other discribed above.

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1986 179 V Stratos Bass

1987 20 ft. Stratos CC
1989 18 ft. Stratos
1989 18' 9" Stratos
1989 201 Pro Stratos
1990 201 Pro Stratos
1990 285 18 1/2 ft Stratos Bass Boat
1990 18' 7" Stratos Pro Series
1991 18' 9" Stratos
1991 18' 7" 285 Stratos Pro Series
1991 201 Pro Stratos
1992 201 Pro Stratos
1992 285 18 1/2 ft Stratos Bass Boat
1992 285 18 1/2 ft Stratos Pro XL Bass Boat
1993 18 1/2 ft Stratos Pro XL Bass Boat
1993 285 20 ft Stratos Pro XL Bass Boat
1993 3300 CC Stratos

1994 201 21 ft Pro XL DC Stratos Bass Boat
1995 201 21 ft Pro XL DC Stratos Bass Boat
1995 284 18 1/2 ft Stratos Pro XL Bass Boat
1995 19 1/2 ft CC Stratos

1995 3300 Stratos
1996 201 Stratos Pro Elite
1996 278 Stratos Bass Boat
1996 3300 Stratos
1997 1870cc Stratos
1997 1950cc Stratos
1997 201 Stratos Pro Elite
1997 285 Stratos Pro Elite
1997 295 Stratos Pro Elite
1998 17 ft Stratos Bass Boat

1999 201 Stratos Pro Elite

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