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We are a Manufacturer of Universal Boat Windshields for the Marine Industry

Tired of Looking through that old broken and crazed Boat Windshield?

We can help! No mold charges in most cases. If you do not find a match on our website, we will not only replicate your old Windshield when you send it in, but we will ship back your newly made plexiglass boat Windshield with free shipping (Up to $100)! This only applies to Windshields that are not already on our website.

To start, first click this link to search for your Windshield on our website. If you do not find a match then submit a quote form and we will help you get started on replicating your old shield!

“How our Process Works”

Search the list Click Here for the correct Manufacturer of your boat. Click the link and carefully search to find your specific year, size, and model of boat. Compare the shape and contour as well as the inside measurements of your old shield or console to make sure you have a match. If you do not see your specific year and size boat we have no information on it and cannot vouch for a proper fit. *We do not offer opinions or comparisons without the old shield in hand to test on our molds. You must have the Authorization to send one in. If you did not find a match you can submit a “Quote Form” to send in your old Windshield or provide measurements if you have no Windshield. Please do your Search First before submitting a Quote Form.


Based in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, UPD Plastics is dedicated to getting the job done right. Fabricating since 1975, we have 41 years of experience in boat windshields

From concept to completion we can help you replace the old parts from your boat to a new modern look or the traditional appearance your boat had when it was first manufactured

Quality materials and expert craftsmanship is essential to this goal. Let UPD Plastics help you with your next project…


The Largest Inventory Nationwide. Over 3000 different universal boat windshields for sale.

Daniel Anderson


All I can say is WOW! This was a challenging windshield and I am thrilled with the job done by the folks at UPD Plastics. I went into this understanding that this company has a lot of business and that it would take time before my new windshield would be built. In the beginning I was nervous, and had reservations, but after communicating with the company, I just let them do their thing and waited patiently. Man am I glad I did. This windshield was made to spec! Fits perfectly with no effort on install. If you are on the fence, don’t be, this company is very good at what they do. Thanks guys, I am telling all my boat restoring friends about you. Spectacular job!

Kenneth Koeplinger


I’m Back in the 1980’s ……….
My 1988 Bayliner Capri boat was in good shape overall except for cracked/broken plastic windshields. After much searching for a boat plastic windshield fabrication solution, discovered on-line that UPD could fabricate new acrylic windshields. Sent in the passenger side shield to make sure to match correctly… just received the new windshields in great condition (ahead of scheduled delivery date)… very well packaged and protected from damage during shipping. UPD provided drill bit, grommets, and rubber spacers for installation. Install was easy and the new windshields look great- makes my boat look and feel all like new (1988!) again! My thanks to all at UPD for a great job.

Kevin Trainque


I put my order in the beginning of June and I got the windshield back at the end of October. But this was the only place that I was able to go to get a windshield. they’re hard to get a hold of but they’re honest people. I would definitely go back to him again.

Scott Raichel


Needed a new windshield for my 1964 MFG, after carefully combing through the site, I decided on UPD. My windshield ended up not getting to them in one piece. Never the less, after a wait time( you are informed ahead of time the wait period, so it’s not a surprise) I got my shield sent
Very happy with it! I expected a bit of fitting,seeing as mine was not intact. Having restored many autos over the years, fitting and very slight trimming was all that was fit like a glove right back into the frame. Brand new 1964 MFG windshield. Even instructions,grommets and a drill bit were included. Thanks guys!

Kirk Stelling


I’m restoring an old Ranger and the original windshield was weathered and had a small crack so I wanted to replace it. I found UPD Plastics and ordered a new one. I didn’t mail in my old windshield because I felt pretty confident about the new one I selected seeing how they give you detailed measurements. The new one arrived in a very well packaged box with the needed fittings (minus the screws which I already had from the old one) and it was easy to install. They even included a drill bit for the correct size. It looks great and really freshened up the look! Nice job UPD Plastics team! I appreciate it!

Scott MacLeod


88 Bayliner 2858 Command Bridge windshield replacement going well so far. They have met my expectations and more when I needed 12.25 width but the stock was 13..they gave me 12.25!!! You do have to have a little faith and be patient as they must be swamped offering a service like no other. Yes SKYE HIGH is going strong after 35 year of owning. We love it. Now the drilling.

Kevin W., Boston Whaler

Executive director of Seven Media

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for manufacturing an outstanding product! The windshield was of the highest quality which made installation a breeze, plus my customer couldn’t be happier. Keep up the great work!”

Quality Plastic Boat Windshields at an Affordable Price

UPD Plastics has a large variety of stock mold plexiglass boat windshields for all types of boats. All shields are made to order based on the thickness, and the color you want. We use only marine grade acrylic on our windshields, and all edges are highly polished.

Contact us using our online forms by sending us pictures of your shield and a representative will provide you with a schematic to compare our measurements with yours if we find a match or quote you on your new plexiglass boat windshield.

Can’t Find Your Shield in Our Stock Mold Search?

No problem, in most cases UPD Plastics can make you a new acrylic boat windshield whether you have the old one or not!

Contact us using our online forms by sending us pictures of your shield and a representative will provide you with a schematic to compare our measurements with yours if we find a match or quote you on your new windshield.

Have a Hazy Shield that Needs Replacing?

Search our extensive stock molds collection of built-to-order plexiglass boat shields in any color and choice of thickness for over 3,000 boat make and models.

Don't Have a Shield on Your Boat?

Whether you have your old windshield or not, we can fabricate a new shield for you at a reasonable price. Small extra charge for making a mold!

Is Your Metal-Framed Glass Shield Broken?

We provide the newest technology in 3D digitizing of your shield in order to get a perfect compound curved glass replacement boat windscreen for your metal frame.