Quotes for no Windshield on your boat, or your Shield that does not match what is listed on our Web Site

If you do not currently have a windshield on your console, or you have the old shield but did not find it on this Web Site, then complete the form below to request a quote for a new windshield. We do not give quotes sight unseen and with no measurements.
Before submitting your Quote Form, however, you will need to measure your Boat Console, or your Measure Windshield if you have it to ensure a proper fit. UPD Plastics is not responsible for wrong measuring by the submitter of this Form! What you give us is what will be made so make sure you are 100% certain of your measurements.


Fabrication will start upon received payment through PayPal, please allow a few days for fabrication. Any order not paid when notice is sent will be held until we are notified through PayPal. We will bill you through PayPal prior to fabrication. *Prices do not include shipping.