Hydrastream Boat Windshields

  • If you’ve found your windshield on this page please click the button that says “Found it” to place an order! (ATTN: A schematic will be sent for all purchase orders)
  • All Windshields  are marine grade acrylic and NO Hardware included. (No pre-drilled holes, Drill bit / Grommets and Spacers where applicable)
  • Also please be advised that all windshields are cast to order meaning that we carry your mold shape for your boat but due to high volume of orders coming in it will be a minimum of 5 weeks until you are up for fabrication.

Quotes and Orders are Taken Through Online Forms Only

Price: $125 Thickness: 3/16 Color: Clear

Price: N/A Thickness: 1/4 Color: Clear

Price: N/A  Thickness: 3/8 Color: Clear

Price: $137 Thickness: 3/16 Color: Tinted

Price: N/A  Thickness: 1/4 Color: Tinted

Price: N/A Thickness: 3/8 Color: Tinted

*Prices are per shield

Don’t see your shield? We can help!

To do so we would need information on your boat and pictures as we have no idea what it looks like and this cannot be done over the phone. Please click the button to the right that says “Didn’t find it” and we will review it to get you a quote to make your shield. We will respond via email as this cannot be done over the phone.

Inside Windshield Dimensions: 46 L x 14 W x 13 H

The Windshield Above Covers the Following Boats: Hydra Stream 1978 14ft Vandal, Hydra Stream 1984 14ft Vandal

(Please click here to view color samples)

Quotes and Orders are Taken Through Online Forms Only