Please search through our data base below. If you can’t find your shield, you will need to fill out a Quote Form. Please understand, this is the ONLY way we can assist you.

The Purpose of our Quote form.

⦁ When you do not see a shield on our website that matches that of yours. Just because you do not see your shield does not mean we can’t fabricate one for you!
⦁ If you do not currently have a windshield. This allows you to feel confident in the choice you are making.
⦁ Custom shield.

Our quote form goes to our special quotes department who are specialized to handle these types of situations. The form will require your boat information, photos of your windshield and/or console along with measurements. Because we do not go out to your boat, this information allows them to properly review and advise you as to what needs to be done to get a shield fabricated for you.

Quotes and Orders are Taken Through Online Forms Only


Inside Windshield Dimensions: 48 L x 15 W x 15 3/4  H

This Windshield Covers the Following Boats: Hydro Stream 1973 17ft Vector, Hydro Stream 1978 17ft Vector, Hydro Stream 1979 18ft V King, Hydro Stream 1980 15 ft Viper, Hydro Stream 1983 18 ft V King, Hydro Stream 1984 18ft V King, Hydro Stream 1986 17ft V King YT


Color: Clear

Price: $484 Thickness: 3/16

Color: Tinted

Price: $504 Thickness: 3/16

This is the same as my Windshield!
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(Only Order this if you are sure the shape and
measurements match your old Windshield)


*Can’t find a match on our Web Site? Want a Quote of your Shield instead for us to duplicate it? “Click Here”

*Please specify on the form if you prefer to ship your old shield. You must have authorization prior to sending in your shield.

*Windshields are made to order and are not returnable. You must verify the measurements before ordering! We do not verify measurements as we do not have access to your boat or Windshield.

Quotes and Orders are Taken Through Online Forms Only


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Quotes and Orders are Taken Through Online Forms Only