If you have your old windshield and you do not want to go through the measuring process to have a new one made, worry not! Simply mail us your old windshield instead.

Note: We do not return your old windshield!

We absolutely do not give quotes without seeing the old shield. Please send us pictures of your existing windshield with basic measurements using this form. (Multiple files can be uploaded, .JPG preferred with high resolution.)

Please do not send a shield without us approving it first! We must see it and quote you first before you send it.

If you elect to send us your old windshield, there are a few things that you will need to do:

  1. To cut shipping costs, you may want to cut your shield into pieces so it fits into a smaller box (See illustration below) Never cut into bends!.
  2. If your windshield is missing any important pieces you will need to fill those areas with cardboard and tape (see the picture below).
  3. Wrap your shield with bubble wrap, foam rubber, or heavy paper wrapping to cushion the shield, and secure it in your own box (please, no popcorn).
  4. Please do not forget to attach your Quote/Order form to the shield so our Receiving Dept. will know who’s shield they received. Failure to do this can result in your order not being processed.

Now Fill Out The Request Form to Send Windshield