Please note that you will receive an attached schematic of the windshield you ordered above from our web site that you chose when you placed your order, when we send you a confirmation of this Order unless you are choosing to send your old windshield. Our next communication with you will be when we Start your order, we will send you an Invoice detailing your order. On average fabrication is a minimum of 7-9 weeks, and shipment of your windshield is about 7-10 business days after your card is charged not including weekends or holidays. If you wish to cancel your order you must do so before we start fabrication!

Please be aware that you are commissioning UPD Plastics Inc. to manufacture the windshield you ordered. Windshields are not returnable. Please be sure you have the right one. The purchaser understands that they are attempting to apply our windshield to their Boat application and UPD Plastics Inc. is not responsible for fit issues. UPD Plastics Inc. shields are made to order to OEM specifications of our molds and almost always fit unless wrong information was provided to us about the boat.

****There is absolutely NO returns on any windshield unless it was damaged during shipment or craftsmanship defect.

****UPD Plastics as the manufacturer of the windshield solely reserves the right to make determinations if the windshield in question was made to within reasonable product tolerances by comparing it to the mold it was made from. The purchaser of the windshield is not the final arbitrator of the dispute in this matter.

UPD Plastics Inc. is not responsible for incorrect measuring of your shield:
If you choose to install the shield yourself, UPD Plastics inc. is not responsible for any breakage or damage to the shield in such cases. We highly recommend you hire a professional who will assume liability (as that is not cover in this contract), if they damage it through installation, and will do their own measurements if you do not know how which is needed for fabrication. If not, you are the one that will have to determine specifications as we are not at your boat to do the measuring.

UPD Plastics Inc. does not pre-drill holes except where it applies or is stated in the Web Listing for that shield:
All shields come with Mounting Instructions, Drill Bit, Grommets, and Spacers where applicable. We do not provide hardware. We highly recommend you hire a professional to mount your windshield as we are not responsible for installation issues.

UPD Plastics Inc. Guarantees a proper fit as long as you ship your old Windshield and or Frame for us to verify that it matches our mold.

If you receive a shield that does not fit or is wrong and it was our oversight we will pay to have the shield picked up and brought back and a new shield will be made as long as the windshield has not been altered such as drilling holes, scratches, or any other alterations to the windshield. Any returning shields must be wrapped and in original condition before returning it upon our approval for returns. The purchaser further agrees that by electing to order the windshield and not sending the old windshield and or Frame will not hold UPD Plastics liable if the windshield does not fit. UPD Plastics only Guarantees a proper fit if the purchaser sends the old Windshield and or Frame. The purchaser agrees to not hold UPD Plastics responsible for said decision on the purchasers part.

****Any shield that has been marred or cracked will not be accepted. ****

By paying UPD Plastics Inc through our Invoice with current attachments, and the stipulation above constitutes as a Contract Agreement to all the above Terms and Conditions. In addition, any orders purchased outside the continental U.S. the customer will be responsible for all Duties, Import Taxes as well as handling. Disputes of your Order must be done directly with UPD Plastics inc. and not through your credit card provider. Any dispute that is done without contacting UPD Plastics inc. first will be in violation of this Contract and will terminate the Sales Order and refusal of any further Sales with UPD Plastics inc. UPD Plastics reserves the right to cancel this Sales Agreement if it is compromised in any way. UPD Plastics only agrees to enter into this transaction as long as the purchaser reads and agrees to its stipulations.

I the purchaser of this Windshield Order have understood the terms as stated above and agree that I the customer am taking full responsibility for my decision to not send my old windshield for UPD Plastics to verify that my windshield fits their mold or not and in such a case waive my option to contest the windshield I am purchasing should it not fit my boat.