Acrylic Windshields

Do not clean your windshield with solvent based cleaners such as Windex!
It will cause crazing and voids manufactures warrantee!

Step 1: Make Sure Your Windshield is Level

Measure the inside length of your windshield in the front, and then measure the top front of your console. If they are roughly the same size, then no spacers are needed in the installation. However, if the windshield is larger then the console, deduct the console measurement from the windshield measurement to determine how big the spacers will be on all sides. Split this measurement in half!

Step 2: Make Sure Your Windshield is Level on the Console


Windshields normally are the same distance from the top of the console to the bottom of the shield on the front and sides. It helps to stick some masking tape to the boat console on the three sides the same distance down from the top so that you ensure that your shield is level on the console. The picture to the right shows the visual line for mounting.

Step 3: Marking the Windshield

Have a friend hold the windshield on the boat console, making sure that the windshield is level on your tape baseline. Now with a black Sharpee pen, mark the windshield with a spot on the front of the windshield wherever you see the holes in the console.

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

Place the windshield on a table or suitable place for drilling. Put a scrap piece of wood behind the first whole you are going to drill. You can drill at a high RPM, but be careful not to use too much downward force. Let the bit coast its way through the backside of the windshield and into the wood.

Step 5: Mount Windshield to Console

Fold the rubber grommets on one side and push them through the holes in the windshield so that they expand out the back side. Align the windshield up to the console and begin to push the screw through the holes, but not all the way. Then slip the spacers behind the windshield so that the screws go through them. Then begin to tighten the screw into the console so that they are snug.

Whether you have a newer or older boat, broken glass on windshields happens. Oftentimes storms or other disasters occur—natural or manmade—making the need for replacement necessary, which is an expensive procedure. You can replace it with glass, which is not only complex, but also about $4,000. Or you can choose acrylic, which looks the same and costs as little as $300-$400. The savings of time and money are substantial, and if your boat is a bit older, this is by far your best option.

Replacing glass for windshields on boats is not like the auto industry, which is regulated (so manufacturers must keep parts for 20 years). It’s not regulated in the boat industry, so after about five years the manufacturers discard the molds and do not make these products anymore, so you must go to an aftermarket to get it re-fabricated. When you decide that it is not worth the cost and trouble of dealing with this, we at UPD Plastics can offer the acrylic solution.

So what do you do when this happens? Simply contact us and we will email you a quote and attach a set of instructions on how to handle your frame while it’s still on the boat. We’ll give you detailed instructions on how to dissemble that part of the frame along with rubber seals, screws, and brackets, and you simply send it back to us. We then fabricate a new windshield and send it directly to you. It’s as easy as that. And if your broken glass also involves a bent frame—another costly and tricky event—we can provide you with our preferred source to have the frame resurfaced and then a new piece of glass or acrylic can be put back into the frame. Let us help take the worry out of it.

Let’s face it – storms are unavoidable and when they happen, thousands of boats are damaged with broken windshields at the very least. If you’re boat has been damaged from a storm – call UPD Plastics and we’ll tell you exactly what you should to do.

We need to determine the current state of your boat so that we can determine a solution. By seeing your unique situation, UPD is able to figure out how we can help.

Send pictures first.
Sometimes the windshield has been blown away completely, and sometimes it hasn’t. Sending us images of the damage can help us better assess your particular situation BEFORE you send us your parts. It also helpsto see if there are parts of the windshield missing, so we can determine if we need to recreate the missing parts to convert the old windshield into a mold.

Let us know themake, model year and size of the boat.
If you don’t have this information, older pictures from when the boat had the windshield attached is a great substitute.

We’re all about solutions. If you’re missing a part, we may be able to use a part on the other side of your boat. Also, if we have a mold for your boat and the glass of the windshield isn’t broken, we can confirm if we can service your boat or not before you send it over. We’ll send over a schematic of the windshield with measurements so you can confirm it’s a match much faster.

On average, we can fix a windshield in about two weeks during our off-season, and eight weeks during our busy season (March-Aug.). If you’ve experienced damage to your boat from a storm, or any other reason – call us at 954-476-1194 today. We want to help!

At UPD Plastics, everything is made-to-order: That means all of our products are custom-made to fit your unique boating needs. As the largest Original Equipment Manufacturer for boats, we’ll work with you to take parts from your old boat, and replace them with newer, traditional, high-quality materials.

In many cases, boats are purchased without windshields, and purchasing replacements can be difficult. UPD Plastics has an in-depth verification process that that includes providing a quote sheet, as well as schematics that verifies the product type, so that you feel confident you’re purchasing the right part for the right boat.

Unlike the automobile industry, the marine industry is not regulated. Therefore, after a certain amount of time, manufacturers get rid of parts, which forces clients to purchase aftermarket parts to replace their shields. At UPD, we have more than 2700 different OEM stock molds that cater to the marine industry, and we’re more than happy to find a match for a specific part.

Most companies charge for creating molds of old parts, which can cost up to $300. UPD Plastics is the only company in the industry that provides this service free of charge. For replacements, we’ll work with you to measure your windshield which includes providing instructions on measuring the inside, corner radius, and thickness. If you are not comfortable measuring, simply send in your replacement windshield, and we’ll do all of the work.

If you’re interested in having UPD Plastics help replace parts for your boat, or would like more information on UPD Plastics, please visit our website at