If you see the UPD Plastics Non-OEM Parts logo next to the windshield, this is defined as windshields that are not exact replicas for the said boat that is listed on this site. Often times a customer may have a boat with no original shield on it, and with the dimensions they provide we produce a Windshield they will fit the console. It may not necessarily look like the original but it will fit the console.

Although most of our windshields are an exact match we cannot guarantee they will fit your boat as there are some factors that may exist such as multiple owners of older boats may have swapped out the original console for a console from a different boat, or a console may have had alterations done to it that the current owner has no knowledge of.

It is for this reason we require according to our sales agreement that the purchaser compares the shape, contour, and sizes we publish on this web site against their existing shield and or console to be sure that they match.





John Carney
UPD Plastics, Inc.